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Story of O is an explicit text about love, dominance, and submission. The novel follows O, a glamorous fashion photographer in Paris, as she willingly objectifies herself and becomes a sexual slave. In Story of O, I have appropriated Réage's text and have directly challenged the theme of agency in the novel by removing the sentence subjects and the possessive pronouns. By removing the sentence subjects, I remove the agents from the story; by removing the possessive pronouns, I remove any sense of ownership or possession one thing may have of any other thing. What remains in the text are objects and actions operating in a void, un-tethered to any agent or owner. To disrupt the grammar is to disrupt the tectonics of the very architecture with which the story is built. In Story of O I de-stabilize the text, challenging not only our expectations and desires of erotic texts, but also the social, cultural, and political codes that govern them.

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