Mimi Cabell Maybe, 2010 - 2013 back
Sound Installation

is an aural articulation of what lies between the words 'yes' and 'no.' Fourteen words are the material for the piece, the words Merriam-Webster lists as the synonyms of the word 'maybe.'

These words refer to indeterminable states of potential; together they create a feedback loop of endless contingencies. In the installation six speakers determine the physical space that surrounds 'maybe;' each speaker is controlled through an individual audio channel. The viewer is invited to enter this sound space, to move within and around it. When the space of 'maybe,' the space between the speakers, is occupied, the words gradually condense to fill the space. When unoccupied, the piece moves in a retentive, calmer state. Throughout the piece the outcome always could be or might be possible, yet remains forever curbed and reined in — never arrives.

Video documentation

Installation view

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Special thanks to Peter Bussigel, Ariel Kalinowski, John Cayley, Ed Osborn, and Kai Franz